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Friday, July 21, 2006

Technobabble or How to learn HTML and Javascript in 20 minutes between toddler interruptions

Having spent 20 minutes or so in the presence of my brother at the computerface (he who is blessed with a great many wee men in bowler hats).....discussing HTML and Javascript.....I can now quite confidently say that I have a lot to learn!
My big brother is a patient and enthusiastic teacher who is extremely knowledgeable about his subject. I remember reading his Phd thesis...well the title...and giving up...another Greek document.....but with a bit of encouragement I could get quite into all this stuff...given time.
In the meantime if I can get a handle on FTP's and Javascript
copying I would like to try the Lightbox photo slideshow application which looks really cool. Perhaps John Johnston at Sandaig could talk me through it as he seems to be quite a few giant steps ahead of me!

My visitors have gone and now I know why I didn't do all these sorts of things when my children were small!


  • At 10:51 pm, Blogger marlyn moffat said…

    It's all down to time, not brain power or wee men. We have the power, but just didn't have the time,interest or knowledge at an earlier stage. But guess what, we got it all don't get the time, for learning and passing on. Do you ever feel we are failing the next generation on this one? I do!

  • At 10:28 am, Blogger John J said…

    Hi Morag,
    Probably just a couple of copy and pastes ahead;-)
    Lightbox is lovely, I've managed to mash it into a few experiments now.
    You might be interested in the Lightbox Blogger Template
    If you need a hand and think I can help, give me a shout.


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