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Sunday, August 13, 2006

A couple of days well spent

Not long back from a visit to Campbeltown ( accompanied by Spencer) of course to collate material with Marlyn for our forthcoming seminars at SETT. A Chinese meal and a few glasses of wine helped get us working as we began to decide what to include, or more difficult what to omit, from the seminar. We are now after 2 days and nights of discussions ready to organise some slides using Keynote- the Mac answer to PowerPoint. Another learning curve coming up then!

I have also for the first time made use of the Bluetooth feature on the laptop. We sent each other files to practise, some from Marlyn's phone and others laptop to laptop. A small step for computer experts...another giant leap for me! I have decided to get a new mobile phone and have chosen one with features, as opposed to one that just phones! You know the sort, Bluetooth, polyphonic ringtones, MP3 player and so on....but the main attraction is the colour.

Marlyn had a copy of the CalMag magazine, where, the article Owen and Samuel wrote appears on the back page about the teddy project. They will be thrilled to see it in print.

Pictured are my latest gadgets...a groovy pink memory stick (Magic Key) and an amazing colour changing mini mouse for the laptop.


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